Another Book Review

Today sees the second book review go live, being My Time, by Sir Bradley Wiggins.

Check back over the next couple of weeks, as there will be a lot more content coming soon, such as:

App Reviews
Website Reviews
Interactive Map
Details on Cycling Events

Gradually Building Content

Today sees the addition of another feature, being Cycling book reviews.

We start with The Climb, which is the autobiography of Chris Froome.

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We are live

Hello everyone and welcome to Virtual Velo Club, an online community for cyclists of all ages and abilities. There’s no competitiveness here, just a place to read articles about the hobby we all love.

We hope to expand our offerings over the coming months to cover things that cannot be found as widely as other sites, especially articles and links for the cash conscious cyclist who might not want to spend £70 on a new front light, for example.

For now, there is just the one article for your delight, under our section “Eastern Promise” where we review items sourced from China, the first article looks at a replica cycling jersey and is interesting reading for anyone who has considered taking the plunge and buying something from the other side of the world.