Omega Pharma Quick Step cycling jersey

Details: Omega Pharma Quick Step Jersey
Date ordered: 12th July 2014
Date received: 4th August 2014
Time taken: 23 days
Cost: $14.99 (£8.74)
Merchant: AliExpress
Review by: James

Gripped by Tour Fever and feeling forever tight, I thought it was time I treated myself to a new cycling jersey. A cursory glance at the OPQS shop shows me that I would be spending in the region of €58.50 (plus postage), so, around £46 excluding postage to buy direct.

Having dabbled with the occasional purchase from China, both online and in person (I have a small collection of Rolex’s), I pointed my browser to AliExpress and started a search.

I located an OPQS jersey for $17.99, in exchange for installing the AliExpress app on my phone, I got a further $3 discount code, making a delivered price of $14.99, which I paid for on my credit card (to avoid currency conversion fees etc.) giving a Sterling price of £8.74.

Checking the measurements on the website carefully and measuring my back with a tape measure, I settled on a size XXL jersey, as my height fitted into the range specified (they do say give their measurements a 3cm margin of error).

After a three week wait, the jersey finally arrived.

OPQS1With an element of trepidation, I opened the packaging to find a wrapped jersey. OPQS2

Having never owned a OPQS jersey before and the only time I have seen one in the flesh was at the Grand Depart of Stage 2 at York, I thought it looked extremely similar to the pictures I had seen online.

As is customary with OPQS jerseys, there is a twitter handle for one of the riders. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t Mark Cavendish, but Tom Boonen. But, seeing as the OPQS shop don’t include any riders on their jerseys, I wasn’t too concerned and to be fair, this makes it look more authentic.

The fear with any online purchase of clothing is that it doesn’t fit, this is doubly worse when you know that failure of this to fit properly would result in £8.74 down the pan. Thankfully, even with the zip almost fully up, it fitted and felt nice and snug, but not too uncomfortable.


I got round to trying the jersey on a ride about a week after getting it. I wore it with a base layer and it was very comfortable, with most of my jerseys, I seem to be pulling them down whenever I stop at lights. However, this jersey has elastic meaning that I never needed to do this. It was slightly uncomfortable on the arms initially, but this seemed to be less bothersome after a few minutes riding and I don’t really notice it any more.

Overall, I can certainly recommend getting this, even if this may not be a 100% official jersey, it is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t seem to require any adjustments on the fly. It has survived a wash with no noticeable deteriation in quality either.

The three pockets at the back are big enough to carry the following:

Spare Tube
Tyre Levers
Two CO2 canisters and adaptor
Mobile Phone

So, they are also pretty spacious, no need for a bag on your seat post for shorter rides and even with the above, there is probably room for a few gels/energy bars as well.

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